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Unit III Web Assignment

For this assignment, read “The Purina Storyon pages 136-137 of the textbook. Once you have read and reviewed the story, respond to the following questions, with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale.

  1. Review Exhibits 6.2 (page 139) and 6.14 (page 158). What conclusions can you make about Purina’s customers and brand based upon these and the opening story?

  2. Classify each of the research methods used by Purina using concepts from Chapter 6.

  3. Visit Purina.com. Do you find any of its services ethically objectionable? Why, or why not?

  4. Review the privacy policies of Purina.com. What does the privacy policy cover that reassures you? Is there

    anything of concern?

Your paper should be a minimum of TWO pages in length, double-spaced.

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