Human Brain Cortex Tissue

What are the mechanical properties of human cortex tissue?

Suggestions needed regarding some previous works done in the field of measuring mechanical properties of human brain cortex tissue.
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Brain tissue have been found to present distinctive mechanical properties, making them qualitatively similar to filled elastomers under cyclic uniaxial stress and to fine soils obeying consolidation theory under oedometric conditions. However, unlike soils and again similarly to elastomers, the ratio between initial oedometric modulus and initial elastic modulus is large. Our results suggest that mechanical modeling of brain tissue should involve a porosity model to account for the intrinsic porosity of the brain matter, at least in situations where substantial volumetric deformations are involved (during for instance hydrocephalus). Moreover, the drained behavior of brain parenchyma should be treated as a nearly incompressible, nonlinear material, capable of permanent deformations and qualitatively similar to rubber-like materials.


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