HSM 320 WEEK 2 Discussion 1

Describe at least two personnel safety issues faced by September 11th first responders (World Trade Center or Pentagon). Provide two suggestions for how government agencies (local, state, and or federal) could have coordinated and communicated better to avoid these safety issues. Support your thoughts and ideas with appropriate resources.

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One of the personnel safety issues was Personnel Protective Equipment, i.e. respirators. How to wear the respirators was an issue as well as wear ability. Communicating as well as being able to see was a major hindrance and safety issue. The respirators used were not user friendly and because of these things Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspended enforcement of occupational safety and health regulations at the World Trade Center site…(Torres, 2006).” “A cross-sectional study of firefighters in New York City conducted by Feldman, et al in early

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