How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

What comes to your mind when you hear a research paper is due? Truthfully, we all face some fear when any professor assigns a research paper. In many cases, students burry themselves in the library and cover the room with sticky notes on making the paper excellent. Whatever your situation might be, we will give you a gentle nudge of making your research paper effective.

We will cover three main parts, that are:

  1. Choosing a Research Paper Topic
  2. Researching the selected topic
  3. Creating a Thesis Statement.
  4. The Title Page


It is, however, essential to understand what a research paper means. Let us start with the meaning of the research paper from Google search, shall we? A research paper is an essay that requires a student to explain what they have learned after an in-depth exploration of a particular topic. As a result, one must critically analyze books, articles, interviews, and internet sites to obtain essential information for the research paper.

How to Start a Research Paper

Even though starting a research paper is essential, it is a time-consuming and challenging task. Without it, you cannot proceed. There is no doubt that today we will advise you on how to get started and complete your research paper in no time.


  • Choose a Research Paper Topic


After reading the assignment prompt and understanding what the professor needs, you have to choose your research paper topic. However, choosing the topic is an obstacle to many students because there are different fascinating areas of study. It is essential to note President Gordon’s quote that “There is no obstacle too great, no challenge too difficult if we have faith.”



  1. Select an interesting general subject.

Choose any general subject that is per the assignment guidelines. For example, “Waste Recycling.”

  1. Narrow down the scope of the general subject to an interesting topic.

For example, “The Profitability of Waste Recycling.”

  • Formulate a research question.

For example, ‘How profitable is a waste recycling business in the United States?’

  1. Test the research question.

Be sure to check whether the research question is reasonable and consequential.


  • Research the selected topic


After developing a research question, conduct some basic research on it from a website like Wikipedia. However, it is essential to note that websites like Wikipedia cannot be used in academic citations because they are not 100% trustable. However, they give a basic understanding of a given topic quickly.

With a basic understanding of the topic in mind, conduct in-depth research and take copious notes as you read. Be sure to jot down the sources and page numbers for every quote, fact, or statistical data.


  • Create a thesis statement.


Writing an introductory paragraph is an essential part of a research paper, but it is the thesis statement that every student fears the most. In many instances, the professor deprives a paper marks if it does not have a justifiable thesis. It is vital to remember that a good thesis statement should contain the main idea and provide a brief overview of the work.

An excellent Research paper thesis can be in three primary forms.


  1. An answer to the research question.


For example:

The waste recycling business is highly profitable and has caused a significant has caused related industries to diversify their activities in the United States.


  1. A brief overview of the critical points of your argument.


For example, make 2 or 3 claims that will be in your paper.


  • A short mention of opposing arguments.

For example:

Despite the waste recycling business being a disliked venture, some companies in the United States are making a fortune out of it.



Create a title page for your Research Paper


Your paper’s title page can be in either APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago based on the provided guidelines. We have your back on how to create a title page in either APA or MLA.


Below are images of each of the two methods because they are commonly used.

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