How to write a discussion post

How often do you have to write initial discussion posts as well as respond to your peers? If not daily, it must be at least weekly.  Every student in college or graduate school has to write discussion posts and reply to other classmates. So the question is, “How to make a discussion post great?” or How to make a peer response outstanding?”

To eliminate the state of helplessness, we have compiled “4 Best Steps to Make Discussion Posts and Replies to Peers Great.”

  1. Read through the directions carefully

Your professor always outlines his or her expectations in the discussion post syllabus. For example, they may specify the word limit of an initial post or a classmate’s response. Besides, the professor can require you to respond to two or more peers. Make sure that you adhere to each of these guidelines to meet the professor’s expectations.

  1. Read the discussion board prompt carefully

As a rule of thumb, always read the discussion board guidelines or prompt carefully to ensure that you do not go off the subject. If your response is within the context and you have provided a solution to each requirement, you can be sure that your post and response will be great.

  1. Keep it simple and proofread your post

While making an initial post or responding to a peer, do not impress your lecturer by using sophisticated vocabulary. Use simple expressions to explain every idea that is easy to understand. You can, however, stick to relevant terminology based on the course you are taking. After completing your post, make sure that you read over at least once to make sure that it is well polished before you hit the “submit,” “reply,” or “create thread” button. Proofreading will help you eliminate spelling or grammar mistakes. Besides, proofreading will you ascertain that your post is within context.

  1. Do not procrastinate

Once you have everything done, be sure to post your work on time. If you create your thread early enough, you will give other classmates adequate time to respond to your initial post. Ultimately, this enables you to achieve the best out of your online experience.

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