Go to Six Revision’s Website and read “A Guide to CSS Colors in Web Design,

Week 3 e-Activity


  • Go to Six Revision’s Website and read “A Guide to CSS Colors in Web Design,” located athttp://sixrevisions.com/css/colors-webdesign/.  Use the Internet to locate an article on one of the technologies used in Web services, such as open source languages and packages, proprietary languages and packages, and enterprise Web development and distributed Web applications. 
  • Assignment:  CSS and the Web Environment” 
  • From the first e-Activity, there are several ways to specify colors in a Cascading Style Sheet. Analyze the pros and cons of these different methods. When determining which method to use, identify the factors you need to consider.
  • The web is a complicated environment where many technologies coexist. From the second e-Activity, identify the technology and the Web page you found. Briefly summarize the article and then analyze two challenges of the chosen technology. Be sure to include the link to where your class can go to read more about it. DO NOT copy / paste the article into your discussion.

Note:  This is a discussion question not a paper.

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