Frank Hopkins ethics




Do you believe the state should regulate behavior that arguably doesn’t hurt anyone else (for example – laws regarding the wearing of motorcycle helmets or seat belts). What laws, if any, do you feel should be private decisions of the individual?



Define ‘altruistic’. Do you feel that people do things solely for altruistic reasons or are there always hidden motives and egotisic agendas? Give examples to support your belief.




Why do you believe that people behave in ways that hurt other people?



Thinking about the symbol of US Justice…..describe it and tell me what does it means to you?




Identify and discuss the constitutional issues of punishing the mentally ill and juveniles. What are the legal arguments? What are the moral arguments?



Do you feel that taking gratuities by police officers is acceptable? Why or why not?



Do you belief that a judge can ever be purely impartial in a case? Do you remember Judge Ito from the OJ case? Think about the judge in the Anthony murder trial in Florida.




Would you want to meet with the person who murdered a loved one? What would you ask them? Why?


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