Film…functions of management

  • Using the film, identify 1 or 2 situations/individuals (positive or negative) that demonstrated the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling).
  • What happened in the United States was not limited to the U.S. The finance industry is in fact a diverse industry, spanning global economies. Identify the diversity issues created, specifically as it relates to not understanding the global implications, based on Parts 3 and 4 of the film.
  • Walk through the six decision-making steps to determine if you would have made the same decisions of Berneke and Milikin as discussed in Part 3: The Crisis (timestamp of 57 minutes and 10 seconds).
  • Consider the ‘greed’ focus of the film, for example Lehman Brothers congressional hearing (at around 42 minutes) and in Part 4 (at 1:17:35). Richard Fuld, was in a leadership role. Using your course materials, and outside research specific to Fuld, summarize your considerations as to the impact (risk/value/need) of leaders chosen for specific subject matter expertise/ intellectual knowledge rather than the ability to manage people and maintain an ethical expectation.
  • Many individuals/groups were highlighted as those who attempted to do the right thing. Give one example and discuss what did they do right? What could they have done better?

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