ETH 316 week 2 DQ 1 Ethics Essay1

Consider the community in which you live. What is your responsibility within your own community? Explain & provide examples of what you consider your responsibilities. Your answer should be between 100-150 words

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Communities are constructed of many individuals with various diverse backgrounds; all with common interests & values. My responsibility as an individual of a community is to ensure its standards remain objective benefiting all human life. Two ways I can become responsible within my community are refraining from any acts harmful to others, & socially engaging in activities that will help in the advancement of community goals. Strong values & moral ethics aid in my decision-making as they help distinguish right from wrong.

Laws designed in the community also provide guidelines for me along with others when more than one choice may be apparent for a situation. Personal decisions such as choosing not to break these laws will benefit the community as a whole. Socially engaging in community activities such as town meetings will not only keep me current about the direction of the community, but also allows me to voice personal opinions & ideas to any potential decisions that will enhance the community allowing it to flourish.

I live in San Diego & I live in military housing with my husband. Within our neighborhood we have Navy & Marine Corps families with lots of children, dogs, & cats. Although, we are not responsible for things like maintenance we are responsible for being respectful to our neighbors, beying the rules of our housing, & keeping our houses clean. Respecting my neighbors I do not really consider a responsibly but I do consider it common sense. As for keeping my house clean hat is a huge responsibility for me & something that I really take pride in doing. The last responsibility of obeying the rules within my community is very important. Doing simple things

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