ENG328 – Week 2 – Discussion

How will you organize the project and delegate tasks? How will you make best use of the team’s strengths? What are some of the potential problems/challenges that might arise, and what will you do to prevent them?

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Seeing how I’m ultimately responsible for the project, I electing myself as the team leader. I would begin by first holding a meeting with my team so that I could carefully explain the project, goals and deadlines. In doing this, I would use a white board to brainstorm and solicit ideas. I know the team members personally, I would base the task assignments on what I know. If not, we will be going through our objectives and allow them to self-select the tasks they are most familiar with or interested in taking over. After tasks are delegated, we would devise a schedule so we all know what’s due, when and the responsible party.

From being prior military, part of being a good leader is understanding and knowing your people’ strengths and weaknesses as well as hidden talents. In the event I am not familiar with everyone, I would base it on areas or expertise (Markel, 2017). Example would be if someone is technical, then he/she will focus on all technical aspects. If someone has talents using Microsoft Office products, we would use them to create graphs or spreadsheets.

To me the obvious potential problem is not meeting our project deadline. Another problem or challenge is the possibility of a team member failing to complete his or her task or being reassigned/leaving especially with COVID taking over. Being the leader, means making sure progress checks are being conducted and asking the question “does anyone needs help with anything”. I think holding status/update meetings can address most challenges that arises.

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