ENG316 Week 2Discussion 1

Describe the resources you have previously used to do research either at work or school, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how you would expand and limit your search options.

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The resources I have used and had to research about was purchasing a laptop to conduct school work on. I had to ensure that I found the best machine for my needs, regardless of the assignments. Another instance would be in my Army days of developing standard operating procedures for an entire shop. Covering all elements of safety, policy, and procedure. As stated in the book, when conducting technical writing for these types of resources, the writer is not writing to show how much knowledge is obtained by them. The writing is actually for the purpose of the consumer. This is when you come across the typical reader and the writer’s focus definition.
I have recently just learned that there is a difference in the type of research that can be conducted. Scholarly research versus popular web page research has a huge difference amongst the two. Understanding the audience, taking account the purpose of the information, and knowing where to place it or how to use it is key. The strengths of scholarly research are the ultimate credibility of the source(s) provided. Scholarly research is full of great information provided with additional information from other scholars, and is updated frequently. However, scholarly research if not used properly can cloud the original purpose of

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