ENG 438- Week 4 Discussion 2

Two major modes of cultural criticism are Marxism and postcolonial theory. Lynn describes Marxist theory on p.160 as follows: “Marxist criticism strives to see literature in terms of its relationship to society, and work is assumed to reinforce the current social structure, or undermine it, or some combination of the two” (2018). How does postcolonial theory differ from this? In what ways is it similar? Support your assertions with clear reasoning and examples.

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Marxism theory is constructed around the economy and society. According to Lynn, “Marxism is a theory of history, a way of thinking about labor, society, and economy that predicts the inevitable demise of capitalism” (2018, p. 156). This theory comes from the German philosopher, historian, economist, and sociologist Karl Marx. This theory states that people who work also have the possession to sell their labor. Social classes are based on money, occupation, income, education, and social networking. With that being said, social classes are also

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