EET Learning Statement for Outcomes

Develop and prepare the learning statements and supporting evidence for the course outcomes 1 – 6 below. I provided attached samples for each outcome. Please use sample provided to create the responses. Follow the samples to develop the answers.



  1. Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of natural sciences, including physics.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to measure, and provide quantitative expressions of natural science phenomena, including experimentation, observation, and accurate measurement.
  3. Apply the fundamentals of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus to problem solving in electrical engineering technology areas.
  4. Make oral technical presentations in English using language appropriate to the audience.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in the written communication of technical information using Standard English.
  6. Demonstrate a working knowledge of computer usage, including knowledge of one or more computer languages or documentation of the use of one or more computer software packages for technical problem solving appropriate to the electrical engineering technology discipline.


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