EDU 304 Week 2 discussion 1

What are the Common Core State Standards and how are they meant to support the improvement of our U.S. educational system? Examine and describe the five guiding principles behind the development of the Common Core Standards in your own words. Explain how each of these five principles might impact

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Common Core State Standards are a set of guidelines that start in kindergarten through high school to prepare students for college or being functional adults. The common subjects that are taught are math, science, and reading. These standards are consistent with the rest of the state, so children are learning the same content. Common Core Standards help students prepare for life after high school whether they continue their education or go into the workforce. Studies showed that the United States of America was lacking in knowledge and achievement compared to other countries. Common Core State Standards help bridge the gap between what students were learning and what they need to learn to keep up with the changing world.

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