ECE 354 – Week 2 Discussion 2

Qualitative Observation Tools. Describe this qualitative observation tool and explain its characteristics.

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Howard & Aitken (2015, p. 4.2) define qualitative data as; “observations that are not recorded numerically. These observations focus on the quality of the behavior rather than the quantity of occurrence or duration.” For the purposes of this discussion I have chosen to talk about anecdotal record as the type of qualitative observation to use. An anecdotal record consists of written down notes that record any significant events and behaviors that have been observed throughout the day. Anecdotal records are written after the incidents have occurred so they will be written in the past tense. It is important when writing the notes to use descriptive language and that any observations are objective. Per Infants & Toddlers (2014), anecdotal records are like short stories and should be structured as such with a beginning middle and end. Discuss whether you will be using this tool to observe social/emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, or language development. I will be using this observational tool to observe the child’s language development, making notes of anything significant that happens, relating to language and communication. Explain the purpose for using this tool to assess your chosen domain. As explained by Howard & Aitken (2015, p. 4.2) anecdotal records are used to write down relevant information in a way that is quick and easy to do. The teacher is looking to record important achievements and make a record of anything that might be of interest to them. This

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