ECE 353-week 3 discussion 1

Explain which theories of conceptual development are present in the case study. Provide an example to support your thinking. Examine the relationships between cognitive and conceptual development that are present in the case study

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The theory view was presented int this case because of concepts incorporates explanatory principles regarding the ontology (origins), causal principles, functions, and intentions of particular concepts, such as living things. Most of these principles are not directly observable (Gelman & Koenig, 2003). The children were able to connect food, parent (mom and dad) and asked where the bug lives. They were connecting that the bug is a living thing just like they are and connected the rock as an item or thing that they could received money for when asking how much it cost. The children were able to categorize the two objects recognizing that one was a living thing and the other was a non-living thing by asking questions about the bug and rock relaying them to their own environment.

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