DQ1 T1 instructor resources

What university or instructor resources would be helpful for you to be a successful student at GCU? Explain how they will be effective, be specific.

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The most beneficial resources for me to gain university success at GCU would be the ask a librarian service. Going back to college can be nerve racking and when things go wrong they seem to all go wrong all at the same time. It is nice to know that GCU has the support for their students to have multiple outlets and resources to make going back to college a breeze. The resource I see myself using the most will be the ask a librarian service. It is most valuable for me because of the extended hours. I appreciate that they are available after typical offices hours for those who have previous daily obligations and rely on getting class work done later into the night. Not only do they work until 10pm, they also have portals to ask simple questions verses personally speaking to someone directly on the phone. As pleasant as it is to wait for a virtual response it is reassuring to always have the option to call and speak to someone for more in-depth information. The ask the librarian resources is effective to my life and myself because it is not course specific. I like that any course that I am taking I will get many uses out of this service until I finish my entire degree

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