Discussion: Week Two the artwork

What do you think should be done with the artwork (e.g., painted over, covered, destroyed, left as is in plain view, etc.)? Why?

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I think the “Life of Washington” mural should be left alone and not covered up or removed. The mural represents American history, and even though some people may be offended by the mural, history cannot be changed nor altered. In the year 1936 when the mural was commissioned during the Great Depression, the world was in a vastly different era. Humanity was different as minorities had no rights, women had no rights, and the country had already fought numerous wars, and would soon be headed into World War II. Up until this point in American history, war was all too familiar. At the time this mural was painted it documented tragic events of how this country was established, and the murals are historical and relevant pieces of artwork.

Does this mean we have to destroy this piece of art because some people have different interpretations? No, it does not. “The mural has been controversial for more than a half century” (Wick, 2019). Just because something is controversial does not mean it has to be removed, destroyed, or covered up. The mural depicts a piece of history to events, battles, and wars that were fought in the United States for the freedom we have today which earlier settlers had to fight and die for. The mural should not be destroyed. This mural is “One of many disputes where everything depends on interpretation” (Facione, 2016). A few people have different interpretations of this artwork that was commissioned at the beginning of the Great Depression. As such, the artwork

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