Discussion question Wk 3

Please provide complete answers to the following questions below. No need for APA format. Please provide references as needed. Minimum 80 words each

Wk 3 Message 1:

What is the difference between internal and external learning conditions? Which do you feel is more important for success? Why? 

Why is it important to know the demographics of a training class before you train? Explain how this 

information would help your preparation. 


Message 2:

Why is it important to develop a detailed lesson plan? What information should you include in a lesson 

Explain why that information is important. 

 What motivation do companies have to evaluate training programs? How would evaluation help the company
reach its long term goals? What are the potential consequences of not evaluating training programs?


Message 3:

– What would be some other methods of formative assessments other than training and summative evaluation?


– What are some other forms of training besides On the job training (OTJ)? Please explain and provide examples.



– Types of Evaluation Data Collected are (Process data & Outcome data). Please explain and provide examples.



 Thoughts on how your businesses success is based on the training and development of your people.

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