Discussion Post 1: Food, Inc. Reading Response

Discussion Post 1: Food, Inc. Reading Response

Since it might take a few days to get your books, due dates for this discussion are as follows:

Your post and your two replies due by: Monday, April 5

A. After reading the assigned reading from Food, Inc., (you can find the assigned pages on the Course Calendar or in the Intro section to Week 1) write one well-developed paragraph for each of the following:

1. In the “Preface” of Food, Inc. editor Karl Weber touches on a wide range of issues related to America’s food industry. Near the end of the “Preface”, Weber describes Food, Inc. in this way: “This book reflects some of the lively ongoing debates among the ‘food community’ about the best directions for the future” (xi). In your post, discuss one or two issues and debates about America’s food industry that you feel deserve the most attention; include at least one quote from the preface in your post.

2. Many of Eric Schlosser’s responses in the interview “Reforming Fast Food Nation” focus on his ideas about the writing process: who he admires, keeping his audience in mind, conducting research, getting published . . . Choose one or more of the writing issues he discusses and connect the issue(s) to your own thoughts or questions about the writing/research process.

B. Once you have posted your paragraphs, read through the posts by your classmates and respond to two posts. Each response should be a paragraph in length. For a reminder about writing responses, refer to the Discussion Board description found in the Course Introduction module.

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