Discussion 2-2: Stakeholder Management

How would you, as an organizational leader, apply and use the stakeholder management approach as a means for planning and implementing collaborative relationships to achieve win-win outcomes among stakeholders?

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As an organizational leader, I would use the stakeholder management approach as a resource for planning and implementing united relationships between the company and the stakeholders to achieve a win-win outcome for all. A stakeholder management approach centers on a six-step process: 1.Identifying the stakeholders 2.Describing the stakes 3.Considering the significance of stakes/claims 4.Evaluating opportunities 5.Considering responsibilities to stakeholders 6.Considering relationship-enhancing strategies and actions (Mastering Public Relations, 2018)Once these steps have been accomplished, opportunities and challenges must be evaluated, to determine the organization’s responsibility to the stakeholder, and creating relationship strategies. To be effective, my organization must be aware of the internal and external stakeholders. In the case study those demanding stakeholders were the customers who bought the trucks and the agency which regulated the engine (Berte). After identifying the stakeholders, we must note that establishing relationships is often advantageous for both the organization and the stakeholders.

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