Every person has a different way in which they handle situations and make decisions about the course of action to be taken. Ultimately, every decision comes down to a go point, that decisive moment when the essential information has been gathered, the pros and cons are weighed, and the time has come to get off the fence (Useem, 2006). In every kind of problem, there are always some different approaches that one can handle the situation which in most cases leads to different results. The different types of decision making styles that exist include conceptual, analytical, directive and behavioral.  


            From my experiences at work, I have realized that I am more of a directive decision maker. I tend to focus more on the end result when making important decisions about my work. My method of handling situations tends to be very aggressive in nature and I react quite quickly to situations whenever I realize the plan is not moving to the right direction. To make sure everything goes as planned, I try to communicate as much as possible with the people I am working with to make sure that every person is on the same page and we are all working towards the same result. I believe strongly on plans and making of rues to make sure every person follows the plan. I rely strongly on my intuition to know if I am moving in the right direction or not. In case there is something that is not right I believe in trying to solve it before moving on.


            I have been applying this decision making style in many situations in my life. For instance, I applied this style at work when I was appointed as the head of a project that aimed to maximize the sales of the company. I came up with team that was to work together to make sure the objective of increasing company sales is achieved. However, my decision making style turned out not to be the best for the team. The problem with this method of making decisions is that it is more autocratic in such a way that I believed too much in my plans and expected the group to agree with them. I relied on my own knowledge and experience to make decisions as opposed to listening to every person’s ideas to make the best strategies. In the end, these inadequacies turned out to be bad for the project as we did not manage to do much about the sales.




Michael Useem, M. (2006), The GO Point. New York: Crown Business. ISBN: 978-1400082995,


From the above information please answer the below question.


It’s good of you to have that internal locus of control and accept blame for the failure of the project, but what decision of yours do you believe led to that failure?

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