depression discussion

Describe a previous patient that you have cared for (other than on a psychiatric unit)The patient had (a) a psychiatric diagnosis OR (b) a form of depression, anxiety, or stress as a result of their hospitalization, health status, or other life events Describe the medical diagnosis, patient situation & nursing diagnosis. Part 2 – How tuned in were you and the nurses to the psychosocial component of this patient’s illness? Part 3 – Identify the nursing interventions implemented in caring for this patient with mental health needs. Part 4 – After completing the first 11 modules of this course, how do you think differently about the mental health needs of patients in health care settings other than psychiatric units?

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During my first semester of this nursing program, I encountered several patients that had depression listed in their prior health history. While many examples come to mind, one particular case comes to mind. The patient was an elderly female that was having difficulty breathing. She was placed on a special oxygen machine that supplied her with more oxygen than a simple nasal cannula would. The patient had listed a mental health history of depression and active dementia. She was said to be combative, noncooperative, and delusional during report. I was also informed at this point that the patient was in arm restraints because she kept trying to “remove her oxygen mask.” However, when I went in to take vitals, the patient was calm, if slightly out-of-it. She seemed to be unable to talk as she would open her mouth, move it, but no words would come out.

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