CSEC 650 Memorandum of Operation

CSEC 650 Memorandum of Operation





A. Individual Contribution

This document should be a guide for individual tasking for the current team assignment. Through use of LEO Group area, each group member must individually enable your instructor to determine your level of involvement and contribution to the final team product.  Individual team members who do not document their level of team involvement and contribution to the final team product may have their individual grade reduced, at the discretion of the instructor.  Each group must seek and acknowledge their instructor’s preference on this point.






Each member must acknowledge having read and agreeing with the tasking and proposed due dates listed in the final posting of the Team Agreement/Work Plan. You may do so by posting a note in the Study Group Conferences section saying that you agree with the final posting of this Team Work Agreement and Plan.




IV. Team Assignment Overview and Outline

Your team is tasked with analyzing and documenting requirements for constructing a standard computer forensics laboratory for a recently launched company — XYZ, Inc.. XYZ, Inc is experiencing extremely rapid growth with over 100 employees and continuing to hire new talent. XYZ specializes in cybersecurity related to the critical infrastructure industry.

Your team’s analysis should take into consideration physical, technical, and legal requirements related to the computer forensics laboratory. In addition, you should consider potential lab certification requirements in this requirements analysis. 

After your requirements analysis is completed — your team will develop a forensic laboratory proposal for the company. This proposal should include physical, environmental, technical hardware/software, and personnel recommendations. The proposal should also include the estimated initial and projected 3 year annual costs for this new computer forensics laboratory. The budget costs should include physical operating environment, technical assets, and personnel salary costs. 

The company has recently received venture funding specially for this tasking and it’s initial budget limitations for this forensics laboratory are as follows: 

Initial start-up costs — $750,000

Maximum annual three (3) year operating/update costs — $575,000 per year



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