CRJ 303 week 2 discussion 1

The Supreme Court has held that prisons may restrict the constitutional rights of incarcerated persons where the restriction is connected to a legitimate penological interest. Provide an example of this idea when incarcerated persons’ constitutional rights may be restricted for a legitimate jail function. Is it fair that incarcerated persons’ rights may be restricted by prison administrators? Why or why not?

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Every inmate has basic rights that’s protected under the United States Constitution. The first amendment is “Freedom of Speech, press, religion, assembly and petition.” Although some people may not feel that a prisoner should not have any right’s (depending on the crime), I feel that a prisoner should have the basic rights to of the Constitution because they are human and I feel that everyone that’s in prison are not all bad people or they may be in prison for something they didn’t commit. If they didn’t have basic rights in prison, those people that haven’t committed a crime could use those basic rights to defend themselves in court. The Supreme

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