Consumer Diary

1.     Consider the first two hours of your day and choose five products or services involved in the activities you partake in (getting up, eating breakfast, travelling to AIT, etc.). 

Reflect for each of them on;

·        Why you make these choices,

·        How loyal you are to them,

·        Whether you feel positive/negative/ambivalent about them,

·        What would change if you used an alternative product,

·        Whether there are other people involved in the consumption process,

·        How do they affect the consumption or product choice?


2.     Reflect on the decision making processes you have been involved with in the past month, using the five steps of the consumer decision making process, for;

a.     A low-involvement product (e.g. a newspaper, a bar of chocolate, etc.),

b.     A high-involvement product (e.g. something that cost €50+; an item of clothing, smartphone, etc.),

c.      A service purchase (taxi, hairdresser, dentist, etc.).


3.     Think about last Christmas. 

a.     Who did you buy presents for and why? 

b.     What were your motivations? 

c.      Why did you receive the presents that you did? 

d.     What do you think their motivations were in giving you these presents? 

Pick one present you received and one present you gave.


4.     Please choose a TV advertisement (I will also accept ads that have only been shown online) of your choice.

You must include website address for reference. 

Evaluate the ad under the following headings;

a.     Message,

b.     Style,

c.      Target audience,

d.     Representation (who is in it (age, race gender, etc.) & how are they shown (lifestyle, etc.),

e.      Effectiveness. 


5.     Pick a website of your choice and evaluate the contents of this website from a marketing perspective.  Mention in your evaluation;

a.     Content,

b.     Use of colour,

c.      Ease of navigation,

d.     Target audience,

e.      Use of advertising,

f.       General effectiveness,

g.     Your ideas for improvements.

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