CJA 314 Week 3 Discussion Question 2

Explain differences among the consensus, pluralistic, and conflict perspectives. Which comes closest to_ your understanding of society? Why? Does one perspective adequately describe society?

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The consensus perspective of social organization is primarily composed of four principles. The majority of society believes in right and wrong, and the majority of the population endeavors to_ live right. Laws are developed by society through the legislative process which takes into_ account majority views. The law serves all of society fairly, and just. People in the society who violate laws are considered abnormal, and have not been properly socialized, psychotic, or suffer some other character defect. The pluralistic perspective of social organization is primarily composed of the following principles. Society is composed of diverse social group. Each group has its own set of moral values and the groups tend to_ unite. Law is considered necessary to_ settle dispute, and the legal system is fair, and neutral. Law enforcement is trusted and performs their work fairly and remains unbiased. The conflict perspective of social organization is composed of the following. Society is composed of diverse social groups, and each group has different perspective of what is right or wrong. There is more conflict between groups that disagree. Most conflicts are over political power, and wealth accumulation. Law is a tool of the elites to_ keep other groups in check, write laws that benefit themselves, and help in maintaining power over the lower class. As you can see there are many differences between the three perspectives. Just one perspective does not describe society. Consensus and pluralistic perspectives are slightly different however when blended together they describe what I think traditional America is composed of. The reason I believe this is that most Americans trust in the legal system, the law, and understand how to_ change it, respect law enforcement, and also believe that most people are moral and good. Any non-conformer within society must be defective in some way. The conflict perspective is most indicative of the so called 99% who have begun marching across the country over the last year and is closely related to_ communism as evidenced by the inclusion of Karl Marx in the discussion (Schmalleger, 2012).

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