Unit 3 Assignment 2

Write a program to converts temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Your program should print a brief message describing what it does, and then prompt the user to enter “1” if they would like to convert a Fahrenheit number to Celsius, or “2” to convert a Celsius number to Fahrenheit. Then, allow the user to enter the number to be converted. Your program should call a function to perform the conversion and display the resulting value to the screen.

Helpful Hints:

  • C= (5.0/9.0 * (F-32)); C = temperature in degrees Celsius, F = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • F= (9.0/5.0 * C+32); C = temperature in degrees Celsius, F = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • When you integer division, the result is always an integer so all decimal numbers are truncated and not rounded. For example, 5/6=0 when it comes to integers. Keep this in mind when doing your conversions. Also, order of operations count!


  • Include a flowchart for your program. Be sure that you create a separate flowchart diagram for each function – In this case, you should have three flowchart diagrams.
  • Your program must have two separate conversion functions: one to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and one to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Your program must be well documented (ie use comments!)
  • Your program should be user friendly. That means it should handle incorrect user input and output should be labeled (Don’t just print the number; display a clear message, such as “The temperature in Celsius is 45”)

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