Chapter 7 Discussion

Chapter 7 Power Point covers so much amazing information about the Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle and Late Childhood:

  • There are several Must See Video’s
  1.  Are they born this way? (Child Prodigies)
  2.  Meet the world’s oldest baby made with 23 year old sperm (Amazing Medical discoveries, health)***
  3.  Does this Look like a School You have Ever Attended (Education)
  4.  Honey Boo Boo (Health and Parenting)
  5.  Let’s Get Raw (Diet and Nutrition, Education)***
  6.  Kids of Donor (Parenting and Sceince) ***
  7.  8-year old boy ( Gender Identity) ***
*** Honorable Mention Video’s
  • Review All Video’s
  • Select three video’s
  • Write your thoughts, perspective, opinion of the video content, be thorough on each comment.
  • You will be providing your thoughts on the three videos you select
  • Respond to at least one peer.


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