cessation strategies

Anne is a 32
an old female who presented to care
a random drug screening at work was positive for cocaine.
She was initially resistant to therapy, maintaining that her use is not a problem and she could stop at any time. Upon
further discussion in session, it appears that she uses cocaine every day at w
ork, sometimes 2
3 times, other days
more. She also uses it occasionally at home and most weekends. During her third session, she admitted that it is a
financial burden, and she basically cannot afford any other form of recreation. She understands that if
she uses it again
she will lose her job, and she admits that she loves her job and that cocaine is not worth losing it. When counseling
her about cessation strategies, the PMHNP advises all the following except:
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Solution Preview:
The physiologic symptoms of withdrawal may r
require a short
term hospitalization

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