CASE 3 understanding of Laura and Chris

Based on your understanding of Laura and Chris, how would you characterize the communication style of each of them?

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Laura: Has a amiable style of communication in which she attempts to please others and avoid conflicts. She is friendly and likes to know about others for which she needs to let others speak their minds. She has many friends because of this style of hers as she takes interests in others and their relationships. She enjoys listening to the opinions of others and seems to get along with most everyone. According to this Laura’s communication style has high responsiveness and low assertiveness.

Chris: On the other hand Chris has a driver style of communication. He likes to win and dominate and doesn’t allow the others to speak. He likes to develop relationships on his own terms and is dominating. He certainly is not a friendly, outgoing relationship builder. In fact, he tended to be rather cool, tough, and competitive when it came to relationships. He liked to

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