Can you complete assignment please be knowledable about preschool childcare a must due 1030 pm eastern time 6/24 2-3 pages

Requirements :apa format 12 font double space ,cover page . Please answer couestions according to the childcare rule law website listed below. Read thrpughly and answer with knowledgable information that teachers do in a classroom please use resources and read them fpr corret info!!!


Learning Resources

This page contains the Learning Resources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of the assigned resources for this week. To view this week’s media resources, please use the streaming media player below.

Required Resources

  • Course Text: Marion, M. (2015). Guidance of young children (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
    • Chapter 3, “Understanding Child Development” (pp. 71-84)
    • Chapter 4, “Supportive Physical Environments: Indirect Guidance” (pp. 79-110)
    • Chapter 10,”Aggression and Bullying in Young Children” (pp. 266-288)


  • Video: Laureate Education (Producer). (n.d.). Developing a positive classroom climate [Video file]. Retrieved from

    Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 24 minutes.

    Week 3, creating positive environments and the ways adults and environments can promote healthy social-emotional development and positive behavior for preschool-age children.


Optional Resources


Application: Understanding Positive Classroom Climates

For your Application Assignment this week, you have a choice of observing preschool-age children in an early childhood setting or interviewing a preschool teacher in person or by telephone. Your purpose is to increase your understanding of the influence of classroom climate and teacher’s guidance of children in fostering prosocial skills.

It is preferable that you work with a preschool that has been accredited by NAEYC. To locate NAEYC-accredited programs in your area, click on the link below:

To complete this Application Assignment:


To complete your assignment, follow the steps on the assignment sheet above that you have selected.


YOU WILL do ASSIGNMENT FOR teacher Interview Not Obersvation!!!!!

Interviewing a Preschool Teacher on Positive Classroom Climate

This Application Assignment entails interviewing a preschool teacher in person or on the telephone in order to learn about the teacher’s philosophy and methods for creating a positive classroom climate, and for helping children develop prosocial skills/behaviors. Use the guidelines below to help you plan, conduct, and reflect on the interview.


Note: It is preferable that you work with a preschool that has been accredited by NAEYC. To locate NAEYCaccredited programs in your area, click on the link below:





Set up a time to interview a preschool teacher about classroom design, climate, adult interactions, and child interactions that foster and teach prosocial skills and behavior

Explain that you will need about 3045 minutes of his/her time, and agree on a date and time.

Confirm your appointment

If possible, tape record the interview. Be sure to inform the person and obtain permission. Test your recorder in advance to be sure it works.

Review the readings and video program from this week.




Use the Guiding Questions (below). You may need to ask additional questions to better understand a point.

Keep in mind the following guidelines:

This is one person’s experience and perspective.

Be respectful of the person’s time and thank the teacher for his/her cooperation.

This interview experience is a chance for you to learn. Your role is not to criticize or offer advice.




Considering what you have learned in your coursework, summarize the following:

Strengths of this teacher’s classroom design and climate, interactions with children, and interactions between children in his/her group

Insights that you gained about designing a positive environment, fostering a positive classroom climate, and teaching and guiding young children

Suggestions that you would make to the teacher with regard to classroom design, creating a positive classroom climate, and fostering positive guidance and prosocial behaviors/skills. 



A summary of the interview

A summary of your reflection


Note: Do not use the last name of the teacher you interviewed and change the names of any children and families mentioned to be respectful of their privacy. Also, do not submit the Guiding Questions sheet as part of this Application.


Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages


© Laureate Education, Inc.





Guiding Questions


Use the following questions to guide the interview and learn what is important to the teacher in guiding young children and fostering/teaching prosocial behaviors and skills in the areas below.



Classroom Design/Climate:


How do you set up your classroom to create a positive environment that fosters children’s social-emotional development, compassion, and prosocial behaviors and skills such as sharing, helping, and cooperating?



Adult Interactions:


As an early childhood teacher, what are your goals for your children related to social-emotional development and prosocial behavior? How do you strive to meet these goals?


As an early childhood teacher, what is your role in helping children develop prosocial skills such as sharing, helping, and cooperating?


What specific rules or methods do you use to guide children and to help children learn to share, help, and cooperate?


Please share a few examples of misbehavior, aggressive behavior, and/or conflicts between children and/or between children and adults. How did you and/or other adults in your classroom respond?


What have you learned from your experience as a preschool teacher about ways to foster healthy social emotional development, guide children, and promote prosocial skills?



Child Interactions:


Please share some examples of what you have learned about preschool children and their interactions with regard to prosocial behaviors/skills.


Please share some examples that illustrate preschool children growing in their abilities to understand and use prosocial skills/behaviors.



In addition:

What have you learned or what advice do you have for a student of child development with regard to guiding preschool children’s behavior and fostering prosocial skills?

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