1.Market Trends


Research the market trends that apply to the industry. In 350 to 700 words total, describe how your business opportunity completes each of the following: 


Adds value to a customer or end user




Solves a significant problem or satisfies a significant want/need




Money-making characteristics






2.Four Capital Factors


Review the four capital factors.  Discuss in 3-5 sentences per topic how your business idea is a good fit with each of the four capital factors.


Capital FactorExample of Capital FactorHow does your business idea fit?

Human Capital 

Skills, knowledge, and abilities you’ve developed throughout your career





Sociological Capital Networks and support groups





Psychological CapitalAttitudes, values, opinions, and beliefs





Financial CapitalFinancial, accounting, data analysis, and quantitative factors







3.Research Sources 

       Include at least three research sources on market trends to support your opportunity.



Research Source APA Citation

Explain how it relates to or supports your business opportunity.





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