BUS434 Week 4 Discussion 2

Compare and contrast when it would be preferable to motivate employee performance through short-term incentives versus long-term incentives, and vice-versa.

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Incentive compensation programs are primarily used to promote efficiency and productivity of the workforce, but organizations can also use them to enhance employee recruitment, engagement, retention and employer branding. (SHRM, January 12, 2018). Short-term incentives are offered for employees that are recognized for their hard work in the current, and to motive workers, and build morale. These incentives could be an extra day off, extra PTO added, bonuses, on the spot recognition, a gift card, lunch on the company, prizes, other recognitions such as employee of the month, etc. These incentives are not always monetary, they are somewhat of an appreciation, letting the employee know that they are noticing their performance. It lets the employee know that they are not just employees, but they are valuable to the company. According to Miller,

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