BUS425 M2D1 products and services

Research and discuss different organizations and explain how they manage their products and/or services, and explain how they manage their overall capacity planning.

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Eliminate waste and have the workers feel part of a group. All must have a purpose and know they are all key components within the organization. Dr. W. Edwards Deming created a dramatic reduction in scrapping and reworking of scarce raw materials. Deming’s interest in adopting these methods had been influenced by Dr. Stewhart on process control (Films Media Group, 1992). Successful control of products and services requires knowledge in all aspects of an organization. Are the quality of the products and services at a level where they can continue selling at the same rate? Are there enough resources to continue manufacturing at the cost? Is there a demand for the same product or must the organization continue to revise them? Does the product have a shelf life? What is the cost of storing the products before they hit the shelves?

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