BUS390 Week 5 communication

What are the similarities and differences between how people communicate in your culture versus communication in the country you selected? Discuss how you will avoid the major challenges that may be encountered when communicating with people from that culture.

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The country I selected to discuss for this question is Austria. When you conduct business in a foreign country, it is imperative that you learn about their customs and the national language spoken for that country. This will ensure that you are respectful to your counterpart and that you are effectively communicating with them. “Austria is the only country other than Germany where the official language is German, and approximately 98% of the population speaks Germanor a dialect of it” (Passport to trade 2.0, n.d.). Non-Verbal Communication In Austria, eye-contact is very important as it show respect and interest in the conversation. If you do not make eye-contact it will be interpreted as disrespectful. In the U.S. eye contact is important during communication as well but, can be awkward if it is too long. Austrian make eye contact with everyone they meet and greet but, Americans may find this rude. When business cards are exchanged, they must possess the following information: German translation on the reverse side, academic degrees, and founding date of your business (Passport to trade 2.0). This shows attention to detail, your level of expertise, and if the company you are working is stable.

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