BUS370Week 5 – Discussion 1Learning

As you reflect on this week’s lecture, describe the learning process in your organization. Does it take into account the varying generations? What does it do to capture learning and knowledge? What can your organization do to ensure future learning? Respond to two classmates’ posts

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At the office I am currently employed in we are bound by certain Federal and State funds and regulations. Each year to be in compliance the employees we hire have to go over what they have learned their first year while working for the company. Certain HIPPA rules apply that are consistence with the jobs that are performed at the Health Department (Fremont-Smith, 2009). Certifications are mandatory for the continuous operation of the organization (Fremont-Smith, 2009). This goes to say that certain generations are covered along with the ability to handled generational policies. To ensure employees are learning, review boards are visited annually. They also offer coaching to ensure correct procedures are performed; employees are randomly called

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