1st Posting Due by Day 3.Give an example of how the ERG theory could be used to explain your motivation to work in a job you have had. Be specific.
My example depends upon which level of need of ERG theory would affect me at that time. There are three levels of needs that comprise ERG theory these are: existence, relatedness, growth. The existence need is fulfilling the needs necessary to survive. This is the ability to provide food, clothes, and shelter for yourself and your family. Many years ago, I was laid off from my job as an electronic technician. To be able to feed my family and pay the rent and bills, I took a job as a bus driver, as it was the best paying job I could find at the time that I qualified for. It was not a career I wanted to retire from, but it allowed me to provide for my family. This would be using the existence need in the ERG theory as the motivation to take the job as a bus driver. Now let’s talk about relatedness needs. Relatedness needs are the needs of an individual

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