BUS 445Week 3 Discussion 2

Appraise three important process management tools. Why did you select these three? How can they be used?

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Six Sigma: I’ve selected this as my first one as it seems to be the most widely known, this is the only one of the processes that I was introduced to before starting this degree. The textbook sums this up best: “Six Sigma can be described as a business improvement approach that seeks to find and eliminate causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and service processes by focusing on outputs that are critical to customers and a clear financial return for the organization.” (Evans & Lindsay 2017). This is a popular, and proven process.

The Deming Cycle: This is a 4-step process that is based on the scientific method for process improvement. Those four steps are as follows: Design the product, test the product in production line and lab, sell it, test the product through market research. I like this approach as it seems to be pretty straightforward, and seems to be common sense. This is something that I would expect for any product, as that is the case I selected it for one of my tools.

Creative problem solving (CPS):This process stuck out as it’s all about digging into the data, really understanding what the issue is, deriving facts, and coming up with a solution. That really a very high-level overview, or dumbed down version of it, but this one seems like common sense as well, which is why I selected it. I also like this one because it really digs to understand why, and focuses on brainstorming once the ‘why’ is understood, and the problem is fully defined.

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