BUS 443 Week 5 Discussion 2

What is organizational culture and how are cultural values reflected in organizations? What impact does organizational culture have on total quality management (TQM) practices and principles? Can an organization change its organizational culture to promote TQM practices and principles? Is it easy to change organizational culture? What are common barriers to change? What are some questions that organizations must ask and steps they must take in change management process?

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Organization culture is the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization. Culture is responsible for creating the kind of environment in which the company is managed, and it has a major impact on its ultimate success or failure. Successful TQM implementation depends on organizational culture. TQM is the culture of an organization committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. Yes but, Implementation of TQM concept is not an easy task because it requires a total change in organizational culture, shifting of responsibility to management, and continuous participation of all in the quality improvement process. It is difficult to change the culture of an existing organization. When an organizational culture is already established, people must unlearn the old values, assumptions, and behaviors before they can learn the new ones. Lack of constancy of purpose, lack of motivation, and conflicting goal and priorities are common barriers to change. Why are we doing this? What will the change look like? What needs to happen to make the change work? How are we going to manage the effort on an ongoing basis? What have we learned and how can we leverage it? These are some of the questions that organizations must ask.

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