BUS 443 Week 2 Discussion 1

In your discussion post, evaluate the roles suppliers have in managing processes. Looking at your organization or an organization of your choice, what roles do the suppliers have in your organization?

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According to our textbook, “process management involves planning and administering the activities necessary to achieve a high level of performance n key organizational process, and identifying opportunities for improving quality and performance, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.” (Evans & Lindsay, 2020) Almost every organization purchase goods and services from suppliers. Suppliers are organizations that sell goods and services to an organization that uses to support its own goods and services. Suppliers play an essential role in the managing process. Managing processes is also task to find a supplier that is easy to work with and will give the best possible product. Communication, willingness to work with you, profile statistics, price and quality of the supplier are all important.

For this discussion, I have chosen Apple as my organization. At Apple, they have a Supplier Code of Conduct to hold their suppliers to the highest standards. They enforce their policies by assessing and closely partnering with suppliers at every point in their supply chain. Apple work with suppliers to ensure that their requirements are being met. Apple ideal suppliers are those who understand their culture and expectations. Apple value suppliers who take the time to learn about and understand their business and who look for ways to add value.

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