BUS 434 Compensation & Benefits

How is the modern workforce different from that of the past?

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We live in era where the modern workforce is ever evolving from the workforce form the past. For example, According to Weathington, & Weathington, (2016) they state The workplace today is changing at a faster pace and during a shorter amount of time than ever before. The globalization of the world and the rapid speed of technological innovation have changed how people work and with whom they interact. There is also greater diversity in the workplace. It is no longer uncommon to have women working alongside men, and there has been a significant increase in both the ethnicity and national origin of workers, all of which have created a more diverse group of workers […], there are more generations in the workforce at one time than ever before. With people living longer, the need to work longer has increased. The need to work longer is a financial one as well as a psychological one. Gone are the days of “work

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