BUS 410Week 3 – discussion

Compare and contrast former President Bush’s claim that Iraq was a threat to world peace with David Koehler’s position on the issue. Which claims are valid? Which are based on fallacious reasoning (note instances)?Who has the stronger argument? Why?

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In comparison with both the article and speech, we can determine that the Bush organization had reached a conclusion before to destruct the system to Saddam Hussain, so a false dilemma was created and planned the war against a sovereign nation. The organization did not attempt to save any lives. The organization did not attempt to save any lives, on the chance they could force limitations on Saddam Hussain to get the point. I believe this war demonstrated murky plans of the Bush organization. Both articles were identified with the Iraq war and both individuals have the possibility to be correct. If by chance we discuss American assault over Iraq, we can make some misguided theory that the Bush organization announced. To assist their theory, some proof without confirmation was introduced in a meeting.

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