BUS 380 Week 5 DQ 1 planning process

Discuss why it is useful to consider both unfavorable risks and favorable uncertainties as part of the project planning process.

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It is useful to consider both unfavorable risks and favorable uncertainties because both can have major affects on the project as well as benefits. Unfavorable risks need to be assessed and examined to assure the highest possibility of success for the project. The more unfavorable risks that are found during the planning process the better prepared project managers can be to avoid risks and prepare for unavoidable unfavorable risks but lessen the negative impact it may have on the project. Favorable uncertainties are important as well because if they found in the planning process they can provide a new direction or even be the reason the project has a favorable outcome. A great example of this is the drug Evista. It was being tested to use for birth control but failed clinical trials. During the testing it was found that this drug could be used to treat osteoporosis. In a sense

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