BUS 350: Consumer Behavior

Using the “4A’s” framework in Figure 12.1, analyze the considerations that went into development of the Gillette Guard razor for the Indian market.

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By addressing the basic needs of low-income consumers, marketers can make large amounts of money if they are committed to doing whatever is required of them to bring the products to the market. Individuals share the same basic needs, whether they make low-incomes or high-incomes. However, consumers who are at the bottom of the pyramid and who earn lower incomes typically have much less money to purchase things with, making it harder to get the basic needs that they require. The requirements that these types of individuals have can get met by marketers and advertisers, all while they are still making a profit. “Marketing to the “bottom of the pyramid,” or focusing on consumers with minimal financial means, became well-known when author C. K. Prahalad wrote The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid in 2004. He envisioned companies marketing affordable products to millions of consumers around the world, making limited incomes, and having unmet needs. He believed that companies could help consumers and be profitable at the same time” (Solomon, 2017). Procter and Gamble, or P&G, knew the importance of creating and developing the Gillette Guard razor for the Indian market and made sure that they were going to help Indian men fulfill their simple need to shave and make a profit while doing so.

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