BUS 335 Staffing Organization

Why is it important for the organization to view all components of staffing (recruitment, selection, and employment) from the perspective of the job applicant? It is important to recruit the employee who has the necessary skills to perform the job. The employee is being hired to perform a task that will make the business owner money, while earning a living for themselves. It is equally important to attempt to recruit an employee who will fit in with other employees within the organization and avoid any ambiguity with it comes to salary and benefits, and job requirements. This will lessen the likelihood that the new hire will leave very shortly after being hired and seek employment elsewhere.

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From the case study the two issues that would need to be addressed if a recruitment area is included on the company’s website are information about recruitment sources and the recruitment process provided by four divisions of Tangle wood Stores. For example, when applicant wishes to seek employment with an organization, they want to know how to apply and what the process going through the recruitment and hiring process. Employer that set a foundation in the very beginning not only increase the changes of hiring and retaining top notch talent, but make a first and lasting impression to the applicant. I think that MMH should include a recruitment area on the company’s website verse outsourcing its recruiting efforts. For example and according the textbook, Selma Williams was already a recruiter for a large a large publisher of educational textbooks (K–12 and college). I think that Selma’s experience in recruiting would be one step up from the organizations traditional recruitment methods of college recruiting, word of mouth, newspaper advertisements, and search firms. Selma has worked on smaller recruitment projects and should be efficiently enough to handle the project. In addition, Selma was also given a HR intern to help them out with the assignment. In addition they are both in agreement that MMH must have a recruitment area on the corporate website.

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