BUS 325 WEEK 4 Discussion Question

Based on Chapters 3 and 4, analyze two (2) of_ the major hardships facing expatriates on their return home after a lengthy assignment. What would your biggest challenge be if you were an expatriate?


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Repatriation is defined as the process of reentry the individuals’ home country after living abroad for a significant period of time. One of the major hardships facing expatriates on their return home after a lengthy assignment includes difficulties with family adjustments due to reverse culture shock, especially due to psychological, physical and emotional symptoms of feeling like foreigners in one’s own family, and country. Another challenge relates to dealing with feelings of being undervalued by the company after gaining international experience. For instance, expatriates might feel that people at the company might not be as interested in hearing about your foreign experience as they are being told about it. The biggest challenge I would experience if I were an expatriate is having my position in the home organization changed or filled by someone new. I cannot imagine having to find myself in a job which offers fewer challenges than the job I had before.

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