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Right to die- Euthanasia Brief: The right to die is a concept based on the opinion that a human being is entitled to end his or her own life or to undergo voluntary euthanasia. Possession of this right is often understood to mean that a person with a terminal illness should be allowed to end his own life or to use assisted suicide or to decline life-prolonging treatment. The question of whom, if anyone, should be empowered to make this decision is often central to debate.

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Who decides whether or not an individual possesses the right to die? If the individual is in charge of this liberty, then he is in charge of every decision regarding his medical care and can request life-ending treatment. The argument seems simple enough until other factors come into play. For example, say a patient has verbally stated that if he were ever to enter into a vegetative state where life-sustaining treatment was required, he would choose to end his life rather than

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