BMGT 364 Week 3 Discussion LA#2

For this Topic, please first briefly compare and contrast (in 1 to 1 ½ paragraphs or so) Fayol’s POLC functions of Management with the systems thinking approach. Based on your reading and analysis, do you see any significant similarities or differences between the two conceptual frameworks ? For example, does one approach seem to be more comprehensive, more useful in today’s market places, etc., than the other ? Why do you think this ?

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The basic functions that make up the management process according to Henri Fayol are: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Planning involves deciding where to take an organization and the phases needed to get there. Organizing by bringing together departments and resources to needed for success. Leading through motivation enhancing communication. Controlling pertains to see where an organization performs against their objectives. In comparison to system thinking, this helps organizations deal with change and adapt. System thinking is different from the old way of thinking where decision making would break the system into parts and analyze separately, like the Fayol’s basic functions. System thinking incorporates technology and expands business boundaries. In today’s market place system thinking would be more beneficial as oppose to Fayol’s basic functions. The basic functions lay the foundation work for many organizations however, to enhance performance, growth, and expansion the system thinking should be incorporated.

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