AP Chemistry Final Paper

AP Chemistry Final Paper/Presentation (remote students only)

You will research any topic related to biology that interests you and is appropriate for class. You will complete two components:

1) a 5-page research paper related to your topic, and

2) a 3-minute presentation video. This research project counts as your final lab grade. You will earn 60 points for the paper and 20 points for the presentation for a total of 80 lab points. Possible topics to research include genetic disorders, diseases, any bodily phenomenon, ecological issues, cellular research, technological advances in medicine, interesting historical events related to biology, etc.

This is an individual assignment. Each student will sign up for a topic, and each topic can only be covered by one person in a class. If someone else has chosen a topic you are interested in, you can talk to the other student to see if you can divide it up so you can each discuss a different aspect of the topic, or you need to come to me to figure out who can keep that topic.

The whole project is due by the end of the day JUNE 11th. Sign-ups for topics will be first come first serve. Your presentation should not be more than three minutes long and should include two different visual components (picture, graph, object, video, etc). A PowerPoint of your talking points DOES NOT count as a visual.  Please note the rubric I’ll be using for the video attached to the assignment.

Please let me know if you have any questions and email me your choice as soon as you have one.  I’ll be setting up a Turnitin.com account in the next week and will post that information as soon as I have it.

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